Best Zombotron Tips and Tricks

Zombotron Tips and Tricks

Zombotron is a great action-adventure sci-fi game which is available on Steam. In which, you are trapped on a mysterious alien planet. Unfortunately, you have to face tons of angry and dangerous inhabitants. You are forced to defend yourself against those vicious creatures and find the way off that place as soon as possible. However, your journey can be blocked by plenty of obstacles. To solve every serious trouble that you encounter on the path, you can free follow the instruction that we explain below.

Best Zombotron Tips and Tricks
Best Zombotron Tips and Tricks

Details in the top tutorial for Zombotron players

Zombotron is a brand new entry Zombotron series. Its challenges will be conquered quickly when you equip yourself carefully with tools and knowledge.

  • Enter the world in-game you will have the chance to uncover numerous exciting unknown locations. A few of them are extremely well hidden. However, they also contain countless rewards that are useful to boost your own survivability directly or indirectly. It means that you can collect the best loot there.
  • Keep an eye on the stats of your weapons and armor that you have gathered them in Zombotron! Some of your gear will go with amazing bonuses like recovery on hit, 150% extra damage on the last bullet and so on. Meanwhile, the shield can obtain % damage reduction, % armor increase, with other effectual abilities.
  • In addition to Zombotron all secrets found above, you do not ignore the third part. It’s very amusing! Bombs and grenades are special armaments. They can remove the toughest rivals or a hostile group. If you cannot evade a kamikaze, you can throw these objects to defeat it from a safe spot.
  • Taking advantage of the environment in Zombotron will be the next step in the cool Beginner’s Guide. It is feasible for you to lure somebody into holes or set TNT on fire when you detect a small team of antagonists wandering around nearby. You can eliminate the key pillars of items so the remaining structure will collapse and bury the target.
  • Remember to buy ammunition from vending machines and stuff with blue or purple color shade background before you progress or conclude the final stage in Zombotron game! It is a popular method to mark, legendary or epic things. It is a visual clue recognition, too.
  • Experience Zombotron alongside the story! Dialogue lines will pop up and expose the insight of coming dangers or simply provide a clearer signal reserved for an incoming big boss.

If you are one of the newbies in Zombotron game or a skilled gamer, you will not feel confused when you stumble on sticky situations if you have read these hints. With more levels, adversaries, firearms, throwables, and mechanics, your activities will be more intense. Good luck!

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