Infectonator 2

Instructions: Use the mouse button to control your zombie

About Infectonator 2

Infectonator 2 is a free online game that you can download on mobile. In the new chapter, you will continue your job as a zombie and your mission is to dominate the world of humans. Actually, you have to attack all of the people that you see on the path and turn them into your minions as soon as possible. Play Infectonator 2 unblocked you need to roam throughout the map to search for victims. Next, quickly grab the prey and bite them! You’d better infect to level up. Besides, you are asked to collect gold coins. They are great to unlock and buy upgrades. To obtain stuff in the shop, you do not forget to plan your action because each city stage will introduce different quests. Are you ready to conquer every challenge and occupy the locations you desire? Let’s embark on your adventure and be the King right now!