Mass Mayhem 5

Instructions: Use Left, Right arrow keys to turn, X to get in a car or a mech, hold it to unlock a crate, Space to kill, 1-0 to choose weapons

About Mass Mayhem 5

Mass Mayhem 5 is an amazing shooter game unblocked. It is also the new chapter in the cool Mass Mayhem series. Start the new battle against an endless horde of zombies and destroy all of them as fast as possible! It is the main aim that you must fulfill when you are selected to be the hero who is asked to defend the land.

Grab any weapons found in Mass Mayhem 5 free online and deploy them promptly to remove the foes before they do the same for you! It’s exciting to enter a car or even a Mech within the match. They will allow you to move faster and crush the target easily. There are plenty of different types of monsters. Therefore, you need to level up your abilities and unlock upgrades by spending the cash you earn rapidly. They will help you wipe out every dangerous wave soon and improve your survivability effectively. Good luck!