Raze 3

Instructions: Move your character using WASD, use the mouse to aim, the left mouse button to shoot enemies, and use number keys 1-0 to toggle through weapons.

About Raze 3

Raze 3 unblocked is one of the best fighting games taking inspiration from Zombotron. This is the third installment of the Raze series. There is a story inside the game! It’s been 10 years since the Alian invasion turned earth into ashes. Human beings started to build and develop civilizations in the skies while continuing to fix things on the ground. The military of humans came up with Express Training Programs to train soldiers. Gradually more people become soldiers, and this is where the story of Raze 3 free online starts. You fought against aliens, robots, and zombies in the previous Raze games, including Raze 1 and Raze 2. You must get ready for the fight! Make your way through the arena to collect weapons then use them to defeat all enemies that stand in your way.

There are some game modes featured in Raze 3 game, including a human and alien campaign, a quick match, and a premium campaign. Don’t forget to take on daily challenges as well as beat them all to get extra rewards. Your main goal in this action-packed fighting zombie game is to bring peace to humans! In Raze 3, you can also customize your character in terms of weapons, outfit color, name, equipment, and perks. Play it for free!

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