Stickman Zombie 3D

Instructions: Use WASD or Arrows to move your player, P to pause the match, Space to jump, Left mouse to shoot, Q or X to turn, C or X to select emoticon

About Stickman Zombie 3D

Stickman Zombie 3D is a third-person shooter game available to play free online on desktop. Besides, it is obtainable for Android and iOS users to download and experience the new 1 player match on mobile devices. It is a crazy competition of stickmen. Start off with a stickman and you are sent to a dangerous place. In which, you must fight against each other. To become the winner, you need to stay alive at the end of the round. It’s actually important to turn into the last standing man!

Launch combat in Stickman Zombie 3D unblocked it’s simple to run throughout the map and perform other abilities while still shooting! When you knock down somebody, you can collect their gear if you find it’s useful for you. So, you can skip and focus on increasing your scores. There are plenty of walls scattered across the battlefield. It’s feasible to hide behind them and cover your body whenever you want! Try to survive and rank up!