The Wikileaks Game

Instructions: Move your character using left/right arrow keys. Use the spacebar or Z to jump, use X to shoot.

About The Wikileaks Game

The Wikileaks Game unblocked is a platform run-and-shoot zombie game packed with actions. Are you ready for an interesting yet adventure full of zombies? These zombies in this title are known as Wikileaks. They can walk, move, run, and perform other skills to defeat you. Therefore, you need to quickly beat them all for your survival.

There are many games like Zombotron, and this title is no exception. You can play The Wikileaks Game game for free on Zombotron now to experience all challenges. The mission for you in this title is to release all the documents on Wikileaks to defeat them before they catch you. Make your way through the arena trying to collect as many documents as possible. When you collect them, you can get different weapons, then use them to deal damage to the Wikileaks. Make sure you avoid their attacks and try to kill all enemies for your survival. You should stay in the middle of the room to grow your chance of survival. The main goal for you in The Wikileaks Game online is to become the best player who survives until the end of the battle! You can come to play the game now for free then take this chance to prove your excellent skills! Have fun with it!