Useful Tips & Tricks To Conquer Zombotron Game

Playing Zombotron game is very fun, but conquering it is not easy at all! You are highly recommended to take a look at some useful tips and tricks so you will know how to overcome all challenges in Zombotron. There are plenty of chapters in Zombotroon series with different difficulties. Zombotron beginner’s guide will be a great thing for all players who are completely new to the game. Let’s check it out now!

Useful Tips & Tricks To Conquer Zombotron Game
Useful Tips & Tricks To Conquer Zombotron Game

Tips and tricks for beginners of Zombotron

Go discover the game! You know that Zombotron is split into various zones and it has many secret areas. Some of them are totally unseen but some usually have a lot of rewards that can strengthen yourself and enhance your survivability. You can easily find the best weapons with armors in secret areas.

Don’t forget to check all the stats of weapons and armor. You may find some strong weapons with nice bonuses, like recovery on hit, 150% additional damage on the last bullet and so forth. For the armor items, they sometimes have % damage reduction, % armor growth, and other handy capabilities.

To wipe out tough zombies or a lot of zombies at the same time, you can make the most out of bombs and grenades. If you come across enemy kamikaze, you should beat it from a safe distance.

Make use of your environments to deal with zombies! You can tempt them into pits or set TNT on fire when you catch sight of a cluster of zombies around it. Also, you can deal damage to the main pillars of objects to make the rest of the building, like boxes, barrels and wooden boxes fall onto enemies. Whenever possible, take advantage of the environment.

Make sure that you always buy some ammo from vendor machines and items that have a blue or purple color shade background. This is a good way to mark, legendary or great items. Also, it can be regarded as a visual clue identity.

Stick to the story! With some dialogue lines, you may get notifications of incoming threat or you will have a clearer indication that something dangerous is coming.

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