Zombie Punch

Instructions: Use the spacebar to punch the zombies, arrow keys for the movement, down arrow key to slide, and use the spacebar while sliding to uppercut.

About Zombie Punch

Zombie Punch unblocked is one of the best action-packed zombie games taking inspiration from Zombotron. Do you love to perform actions in an epic battle where you can show your skills? If action games are your favorite, why don’t you give this Zombie Punch online a try then see how many zombies you can defeat?

There are many games like Zombotron, and Zombie Punch is one of them with unique challenges to conquer. The game also brings a fun story! Your high school has been invaded and surrounded by waves of zombies. You and your girlfriend are standing near the lockers. But it’s hard to get out of the place. The zombies are moving and trying to approach you from both sides. Now, it’s up to you to start actions to defeat them all for your survival. You need to stay focused on the battle, make use of your fists as well as perform good actions with unique skills to defeat all waves of zombies. You have to send the fists and perform special attacks to fight off the zombies. Also, make sure you protect your girlfriend! This is a chance for you to prove to her that you are a good man for her. Play Zombie Punch for free now! Have fun with it!