Zombie Shooter 3D

Are you ready for Zombie Shooter 3D APK download for free? This is the game that is the same as Zombotron 3D in terms of gameplay. You will have a chance to perfect your shooting skill through a lot of fascinating challenges. As you know, Zombotron is a very famous zombie shooting game in browsers, now you can try another edition of it on your mobile device with an APK file. If you already had Zombotron Download game on your phone, you will want to try this title for a new experience!

Zombie Shooter 3D

About Zombie Shooter APK game

In Zombie Shooter 3D – the first-person shooter game with 3D graphics, you have to aim and shoot down the waves of undead coming to kill you. Arm yourself with a wide range of weapons, such as assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and machine guns, then use them to finish off all zombies before it’s too late. You are a survivor with only one goal: survive for as long as possible!

Make sure you develop your smart strategies and use your tactics to cope with the zombies, especially the tough ones. You are advised to shoot them from a safe distance, take time to aim and attempt to eliminate them before they approach your place. You can create an army of survivors or build up a town that keeps the zombies at bay. You should also protect yourself from other human players too as they can shoot you and they also want you out! See if you will become the last man standing on the ground!

In-game features

  • A wide range of weapons to use
  • Aim and deal critical damage to the zombie
  • Create a base and a group of survivors then train them to win
  • Simple controls but hard gameplay to master!

Download Zombie Shooter 3D Game For Free

Feel free to download Zombie Shooter 3D APK and install it on your mobile device now! Besides Zombotron APK, Zombie Shooter 3D APK will bring you another awesome shooting experience, and you can hone your surviving skills even more.

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