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Zombotron 2 free download is ready to take you through tougher challenges and more fierce matches. You can play Zombotron 2 online or even get Zombotron 2 download for free on your computer to experience more awesome features. Zombotron 2 is the second chapter in Zombotron series, and it promises to give you more chances to perfect your shooting ability.

About Zombotron 2 Free Download Game
About Zombotron 2 Free Download Game

About Zombotron 2 free download game

In this Zombotron download game sequel, you play as an astronaut who has to get ready for an upcoming adventure after the mothership has crashed onto an undiscovered planet. You know that this planet is not safe at all, especially when it is full of waves of zombies. You are only armed with a gun which is your special weapon, so you must use it wisely to shoot down all wicked zombie creatures that stand in your way as you move through lots of levels.

You have to aim and gun down on zombies before they deal damage to you or approach your place. Pay attention to your surroundings, prepare some good strategies in advance then use them to get an upper hand on your enemies. Your main objective in Zombotron 2 download is to survive until the end of the adventure!

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  • Developer: FunnyGames
  • License: Freeware
  • Operating system: Windows XP/7/8
  • Latest version: 1.0

Zombotron 2 is an action-packed shooting game developed by FunnyGames. Now, you can download Zombotron 2 1.0 for free. The size of the game is only 11.5 MB and it has built-in antivirus, so it is totally safe to download and install on your computer. Once you have installed the game, just simply launch it then start joining the battle to fight off all zombies!

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