Zombotron 2

Instructions: Move your character using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Press key W or up arrow key to jump. Use the left mouse to fire, key E to interact, key R to reload and spacebar to respawn. 

About Zombotron 2

ZOMBOTRON 2 is the sequel to ZOMBOTRON 1 with further challenges to conquer. In this second edition, you will have to rescue the last human beings from hordes of zombies that are invading the planet. Navigate your way through many tunnels, platforms, and passages in order to finish off all zombies getting in your pathway. Don’t forget to collect new weapons, or even use the power-ups to outsmart the zombies. You can even spend your earned money on awesome upgrades and guns! Have fun with it! Remember to play ZOMBOTRON 3 after conquering this second chapter!