Zombotron Localization and Trading Card Update Available!

Zombotron Update: Localization and Trading Card

Zombotron Update: Localization and Trading Card
Zombotron Update: Localization and Trading Card

They are the main points in the new Zombotron update. It is now gettable in different languages such as Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German.

After the current fantastic event is kicked off, many more people will have more chances to play Zombotron Games Online without difficulty, especially in their mother tongue.

Aside from that improvement, Steam Trading Cards have been already launched based on players’ feedback, along with profile badges, background images, and chat emoticons. They are always accessible and choose whenever you want.

Furthermore, you can find bug fixes in the last section of Zombotron Update. Specifically, they will be shown in Zombotron Patch Notes: 1.2. They include:

Additions to the translation function with a system of communication consisting of Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German

  • Fixed the issue related to vehicles: After you complete the eventual level without a car, you will not see any car in the final cut-scene
  • In case you unbolt a chest situated on an elevator and operate that machine if dumping items, when it counterbalances the spot for setting objects again will be updated (often found after Spider boss)
  • Removed troubles with cut-scenes at Stone Golem Boss stage in Zombotron unblocked
  • Fixed the overlapping texts and interfaces with a large interface in certain resolutions
  • Discarded display bugs on large interfaces
  • Fixed many errors in the text
  • Got rid of the problem with the elevator stuck on the Scavengers Base when you ignored the cut-scene before you ambushed
  • The camera will run smoothly if you rapidly get off the car and hop inside once more

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